Glue Binding Machine 950Z5 (Hot Melt Glue Adhesive )

 Glue Binding Machine 950Z5 (Hot Melt Glue Adhesive )
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Model: Book Glue Binding Machine 950Z5
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 Glue Binding Machine 950Z5 (Hot Melt Glue Adhesive )  Glue Binding Machine 950Z5 (Hot Melt Glue Adhesive )  Glue Binding Machine 950Z5 (Hot Melt Glue Adhesive )  Glue Binding Machine 950Z5 (Hot Melt Glue Adhesive )
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BRAND NEW Book Glue Binding Machine 950Z5

(Hot Melt Glue Adhesive )



Product Description:

Three drums design

Two gluing drums, one glue-rolling drum make uniform gluing.
Automatic creasing function




Digital controls spine glue length
Automatic creasing function: The bond book directly goes to creasing station for creasing. Digital controls spine glue length, no wasted books from excess glue build-up on the nipping station.
Work table
Dust suction
Folding work table easily holds paper,covers and books. It also speeds up the production. Irritating fumes and waste particles are vented into and exhaust system, out of the building, or away from the work area.
Open cover station
Smoke extrator
Open cover station, easy for you to plance cover and take away finished book. Speeds up binding job. Integrated fume extraction helps keep your work area comfortable and safe.
Adjustable cover-clamping station
Digital speed adjustment
Asjustable cover-clamping station meets demand of binding book with different kind of covers,as well as spine square adjustment Set up different cycle speed according to opearator's skill.
Intelligent controlled, LCD display
Digital control virtually every function from the simple digital keypad. Control glue temperature,cycle speed and more. 0r phicial adjustment required. View setting at glance.The mill and glue drum can start automatically.

Perfect Binding is a process where a machine uses a hot melt glue to binding the book block to a hardor printed cover. Perfect Binding is a premium production that has many application. It is ideal for catalog,self publisher, workbooks and much more. Perfect Binding has a premium appearance, but it less timeconsuming and more cost effective than mechanical binding.Easy operation, low acquisition and running costs, high-quality outputs make our Perfect Binding machine very suit Quick Printer, Copy Center, Busy work-group, and Binderies

CB-950Z5 Glue Binder

Max length


Max thickness

 2.3 ''

Binding speed

250-300 books/min

Warming Up

About 30 minutes

Milling system

Solar milling cutter+ small milling cutter

Clamping book


Clamping cover


Glue roller


Side Gluing


Milling foldpages

Three folding pages



fine adjustment of clamp flat


Open cover station




Digital control of spine gluing lenght


Smoke exhaust function


Speed adjustment





(110V) 60Hz 2300W

Machine size

68.5 ''x22.0''38.2''  

Net weight

374  lbs



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This offer includes  bag of Glue Melt FREE